Mr. Spiers Health Class Supersize me assignment
Assignment: Three part essay, 500-600 words (typed)
Answer the following questions on Supersize me!
Be as thorough as possible. Be sure to back up your ideas with evidence and
specific examples from both the movie and society.
Part 1:
In your opinion what was the most memorable part of Supersize me and why?
Part 2:
Should any laws or policies be instituted to help combat obesity in North
American society?
If so what are they and how could they be enforced?
If not why should we leave the current rising trend of obesity with all of its
consequences unchecked?
Part 3:
In an age when we have so much information at our disposal, why do we still
make choices based on advertising and marketing?
Advertizing effects us all, explain how advertising effects you (the things you buy,
the food you eat, the places you go or want to go)?