Excel Case Exam Study Guide

KSOB Indianapolis K201 – Fall 2015
Excel Case Exam Study Guide
Be familiar with completing the following skills in Windows MS Excel 2013.
1. Copy a file from a server drive to your Desktop
2. Rename a file
3. Rename a sheet
4. Create a copy of a sheet
5. Move a sheet by dragging
6. Delete data from cells
7. Create a Pivot Table
8. In a Pivot Table use AVERAGE (instead of SUM);using Field Settings option
9. Insert Slicer on Pivot Table sheet and apply filter(s)
10.Group sheets together to complete formulas or formatting one time with
changes applied to group
11.SUM function (including 3-D reference/Drilling formula across sheets –
using grouping)
12. Create a Data Validation List with Input and Error alert messages
13. Create =IF(AND as well as =IF(OR formulas
14. Create VLOOKUP function with exact match or range
15.Create a Nested IF function
16. Copy using Absolutes (two $$) vs Relative references
17. Create COUNTIF functions
18. Create SUMIF as well as AVERAGEIF functions
19. Create One and Two variable Data Tables (using Data Table feature)
20. Create a Macro and assign it to a custom named button
21. Save a workbook as Macro Enabled
22. Use Solver to create best solution with Answer Report (defining Objective
cell, changing cells and creating constraints appropriately)