H:\2010-CHC2P\Unit 3-WWI\11. Review\World War One Test

World War One Test Review - You will receive a 5% bonus (on the test) for
completing this review and handing it in BEFORE the test.
1. When did WWI start and end?
2. Allies during 1914. Please complete the chart:
Triple Entente
Triple Alliance
3. Explain the four MAIN indirect causes of WW1:
4. What was the direct cause of the war? How did it lead to WWI?
5. Who was allowed to volunteer to be soldier?
6. Why did some men volunteer? Why did some choose not to volunteer?
7. Why were some people supportive of Canada joining WWI? Why were some people
against Canada joining?
8. What were the conditions like in the Trenches?
9. Explain the Schlieffen Plan? What were its goals? Why was it a failure?
8. How did women contribute to the war effort? Name four things that women did on
the home front or on the front line.
9. Describe how Conscription made the relationship between French and English
Canada a difficult one.
10. What were the arguments for / against conscription?
11. Pick three of the following technologies and explain why they were significant to
World War I.
Machine gun
Gas mask
Ross Rifle
12. Pick ONE of the following battles ( Ypres, Somme, Vimy Ridge or Passchendale)
and fill in the chart.
Name of Battle
What Country was the battle in?
When was the battle?
One fact about the battle
Role of the Canadians:
13. Give a definition for propaganda? Name four things they asked Canadians to do.
14. How did Russia and USA affect Germany strategy during the last year of the war?
15. How and when did the war end?
16. How was Germany treated during the Paris Peace Conference?
17. How is the end of WWI connected to the start of WWII?
18. Be able to located the following countries on a map of Europe in 1914:
Britain, France, Russia, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy, Belgium.
Terms to Know:
Creeping Barrage
No Man’s Land
Home front
Front Line
Trench Foot
Treaty of Versailles
People to Know:
Sam Hughes
Robert Borden
The Red Baron
Billy Bishop
General Arthur Currie
General Haig
Storm Troops
John McCrae