The Hunger Games Vocabulary Chapters 1

The Hunger Games Vocabulary Chapters 1-­‐13 Study Guide Chapter Page # Word Ch. 1 p. 3 reap verb HG –“reaping” is a noun Ch. 1 p. 9 Ch. 2 p. 24 preposterous adj. dissent Ch. 2 p. 27 Ch. 3 p. 35 predicament Ch. 3 p. 46 Ch. 5 p. 64 disgruntled Ch. 5 p. 65 sustenance despicable in. verb to differ in opinion, usually against an established order noun a difficult or unpleasant situation noun extreme strength or force; concentration; focus tr. verb extremely unhappy adj. having a very noticeable quality that attracts a lot of attention; flashy or showy noun something (such as food) that keeps someone or something alive; nourishment Ch. 5 p. 65 intensity flamboyant Ch. 6 p. 74 barbarism Ch. 6 p. 79 Ch. 7 p. 93 Ch. 8 p. 103 Ch. 8 p. 106 Ch. 9 p. 114 adversaries demean impulsiveness defiantly ludicrous Part of Speech adj. Definition Ways to Remember Word 1) to cut; 2) to gather or harvest; 3) to get a reward as a result of something that you have done very foolish or silly grim reaper absurd, ridiculous disagree tense disgruntled employee Effie Trinket – Capitol citizens very bad or unpleasant; deserving to be despised noun Cruel and violent behavior; very rude behavior pl. enemies or opponents noun verb to put down or degrade noun acting without thinking; hastiness adverb resistantly; rebelliously adj. ridiculous; laughable Ch. 10 p. 134 Ch. 10 p. 135 Ch. 11 p. 151 Ch. 13 p. 173 Ch. 13 p. 182 breached perceived botched quell incompetent verb broken verb believed ruined put an end to; extinguish Not capable of doing something; lacking ability verb verb adj.