International Operations

International Operations
Course Objective
This Course offers essential background information for engineers, managers and other professional working in a global and international arena. It provides,
directions, and models that shape the management style of multi-national firms. Many technological, economic, and financial problems are tackled with a
free learning and interactive environment.
Operations Managers, middle and top-management Engineers, and professionals of any background and from any discipline.
Learning Outcomes
 Knowledge and understanding of :
1. The nature of the ever-growing field of international operations.
2. The evolution of firm strategy as part of the internationalization process, plus the countervailing forces that firms are likely to encounter during that
3. The elements of the external international operations environment.
4. Attendees will be better able to interact with the business world in the environment of globalization
Course Contents
International Operations : an Overview
The Cultural Environment Facing Business
The Political and legal Environment Facing business
The Economic Environment
International Trade Theories
Governmental Influence On Trade
Regional Economic Integration and Cooperative Agreement
Factor mobility and Foreign Direct Investment
Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
Course Duration
5 days.