Industrial Engineers:

Industrial Engineers:
Expert knowledge in a Variety of Fields
1. Complete the sentences with the phrases (there is one extra phrase). Then listen to
check your answers.
1. Industrial engineers manage the layout and the design of …
2. They try to achieve the most advantageous and efficient …
3. They schedule and direct the placement and the flow of …
4. They organize personnel and equipment and try to optimize …
5. They supervise the running of the plant and ensure that …
raw materials, components, and machine parts
the use of human resources
the whole operation runs safely
workers and management
deployment of the site and the machinery
industrial and manufacturing facilities
2. Listen to the recording and complete the list of the areas of expertise that are
particularly relevant for an industrial engineer. Write as many areas as you can. The first
one has been done for you.
Industrial engineering: areas of expertise
facility layout and design
3. Complete the text about the work and role of industrial engineers with nouns from the
box. There are two extra nouns.
efficiency / elements / facilities / firms / industries / management / profitability / question /
resources / safety
Industrial engineers can work almost anywhere. Some work in places like car
manufacturing plants or food processing plants while others work in health care (1)
_____________________. Some work for management consulting (2)
_____________________ while others work for organizations such as banks.
Industrial engineers are concerned with management, in the broadest sense of the
word. Their role is to help (3) _____________________ to improve their efficiency, their
effectiveness, their productivity, and their (4) _____________________.They help
companies to stay competitive in the market. I see their job in terms of three key points:
there is the question of (5) _____________________ – the most advantageous
deployment of all (6) _____________________; there is the (7)
_____________________ of cost – the economics of production; and there is the very
important issue of human safety and well-being. These three key (8)
_____________________ have to be balanced carefully.
4. Read the text above again and answer the questions.
1. How would industrial engineering in an auto plant differ from that in a food processing
2. What industrial engineering skills would be required by a banking organization?
3. What could be the risks of giving too much importance to questions of efficiency?
4. What could happen if a company implemented excessively rigorous safety