Name Date World History GHP Pd Chapter 12 Study Guide


Name World History GHP

Chapter 12 Study Guide “Medieval Europe”

Part 1 315-320


The fall of the Roman Empire resulted in the rise of the __________ ___________. 2.

What impact did Clovis have on Europe, and what happened after his death? 3.

Explain the German family structure. 4.

How was Roman law different than the Germanic system? 5.

Define and Explain: a.

Bishop- b.

Archbishop- c.

Monk- 6.

Define and explain how Benedicts rule affected monastery life. 7.

Describe the importance of a Monk in medieval society. 8.

Provide an example of an abbess. 9.

What impact did Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire have on history? Date Pd

Part 2 320-323


Who were the Magyars and why did they settle down? 2.

Who were the Norsemen of Scandinavia, and what technology allowed them to raid Europe? 3.

What did a Frankish king do in order to make the Norseman a part of Europe? 4.

How did feudalism lay way for the creation of the knight? 5.

What positives and negatives were there to being a knight?

Part 3 323-327


Explain the significance of the following (see key terms for help) a.

William of Normandy b.

Henry II c.

Magna Carta d.

Edward I e.

English Parliament f.

King Philip II Augustus g.

Philip IV the Fair h.

Otto I


Frederick and Fredrick II 1.


Early history of Russia

Part 4 327-336

What can affect the rise or fall of populations? 2.

What technologies helped agricultural advancement? 3.

Create an example that explains the life of an everyday serf? 4.

Peasant: a.


Lifestyle- Women- 5.


Diet- How did investment capitalism create a new Northern England economy? What is investment capitalism? 6.

As a result of the trade revival what happened to Europe’ cites? 7.

Compare and contrast the rise of the European cites to the Greek city-states. 8.

With the growing individualistic cities of Europe what possible problems lay ahead?


How can religion have an impact on how a state, city, government, or country be run? 10.

What were universities? (Provide examples of universities in Europe) 11.

Describe and explain the importance of scholasticism. 12.

Fill in the chart accordingly

Medieval Classroom Modern Classroom

Types of instruction


During the Medieval time period there was a building spree. What types of structures received the most attention? Why do you think these structures received the most attention? 14.

What two innovations allowed Gothic Cathedrals to be constructed? 15.

Explain the importance of a Gothic Cathedral?

Part 5 336-338


How did the Council of Clermont impact the First Crusade? 2.

How many Crusades were there? 3.

What was the cause of the Fourth Crusade?

Part 6 338-340


Where did the Black Death originate from, who carried the disease, and how did it get to Europe? 2.

How was the plaque explained during the Middle Ages? 3.

Who were the flagellants and what strange practice did they have? 4.

What impact did the Black Death have on Europe’s economy?

Part 7 340-344 (Political Instability) 5.

What was the initial cause of the Hundred Years War? 6.

What impact did Joan of Arc have on the Hundred Years War? 7.

Explain the three major events that led to the decrease in power by the papacy over European governments. a.





Extra Notes

“Germanic Customary Law: The Ordeal” a.

What do the claims and views indicate about the relative influences of Germanic and Christian traditions at the time? b.

What impact would this story have upon sixth century Christians? “The Achievements of Charlemagne” a.

Considering the activities of the Merovingian’s before Charlemagne and others later, does he appear to have been truly great, or merely a fairly competent figure among mediocre rivals? b.

Would Charlemagne have been a role model to the later Middle Ages? Why or why not?