Issue 2 - Wheels in Motion

Issue 2
Wheels in motion
March 2013
3 years on the road!
Here we are, reflecting once again on the past few
month of life at Wheels in motion - God is Good! We
have seen several changes including the venues of the
bus, and God has been faithful in guiding, directing
and providing for us every step of the way.
The ministry has now been running for three years,
and has been incredibly worthwhile thanks to our
volunteers, supporters and various organisations.
What does a typical week now
The bus is cleaned, stocked and organised every
Thursday, before it sets off for the first stop of the
night, outside the Court at Wellington Square, Ayr. It
is parked there from around 7.45pm – 8.40pm, and
there is usually a crowd gathering by the time we
arrive. This reinforces the need for the reliability of
this work – people expect us to be there, so not
showing up, or having a week off because it’s too cold
or wet, is just not an option.
Suzanne Holden,
Chairperson and
Founder of
Wheels in Motion
We welcome the clients in to the bus, although often
it is too busy to have everyone in at once, so we have
some volunteers who stand outside and mingle until
the bus quietens down.
‘We use the Starbucks approach!’
We then get the kettles filled and start taking the
orders! We’ve recently adopted the ‘Starbucks
approach’ of taking clients names and orders. This
helps the kitchen staff to keep track of who wants
what, and also gives greater opportunity to get to
know and remember the names of clients. It makes it
slightly more personal and the clients seem to be
responding well to it, although they still chance their
arm by trying to order alcohol from week to week!
The relaxed atmosphere means they are comfortable
with a bit of banter, but it doesn’t take away from the
real reason we are there – to show them Gods love in
“Have you forgotten the prayer?”
For more information on the
Wheels in Motion ministry contact:
Suzanne Holden
[email protected]
07790 929864
Before we leave the court we have a time of prayer,
which our clients have now come to expect. If we are
running slightly late or appear at all distracted, there
is always someone asking ‘Have you forgotten the
prayer?’ or ‘Are we still going to pray?’? This is really
encouraging, as is when they request prayer for their
friends, family or circumstances. People are really
starting to acknowledge Gods existence and we just
pray that this will lead to them each developing a
personal relationship with him.
Issue 2
Wheels in motion
Lidl’s car park
We then pack up the bus and head to our second
stop, Lidl’s car park from 8.45pm – 9.30pm. This is
situated right next to the Police station, so we
hope that will act as deterrent for those looking to
cause trouble!
It took a few weeks for people to remember about
the Lidl stop, but it is now picking up and both
stops are now generally busy. It runs in exactly the
same way, but with the large number of clients
now being split between two stops, the volunteers
have more opportunities to speak with clients and
actually get to know them.
Police presence
We have been in touch with the local police who
try and pay us a visit when they can. The clients
are not always impressed by this, but they have
become more receptive to it as they realise they
are not there to hunt people out, but just to show
support for the work we are doing in the
Increased number of volunteers
We have been delighted to see an increase in our
number of volunteers. We have a wide range of
people from various backgrounds, occupations and
Churches, and together they do an amazing job at
reaching out to our clients, getting to know them,
listening to them and helping in any way they can.
Every week our clients are privileged to not only
enjoy soup, rolls, hot drinks and biscuits, but they
also get a goody bag to take home! The contents
of this are provided by Greggs the Bakers, and
Lorraine and Hugh from the Station Café,
Prestwick, who faithfully donate rolls, bananas and
other treats. We are very grateful for this support,
and know that our clients are too as we see them
dive in excitedly to see what they are being given.
March 2013
Issue 2
Wheels in motion
Christmas support
This Christmas we had a group of women who
were friends and relatives of Wheels in motion
making food packages for each of our clients.
This helped provide the basics they would need
over the festive period, but also included some
luxuries – like hot chocolate and marshmallows!
We really appreciate the kindness of all these
women, and want to thank them on behalf of all
of our clients.
As always, just before Christmas we had some
fun and games going on in the bus – we are only
out for a short time, but aim in that time to
provide a release from the challenges they are
facing daily.
Prayer requests
Continued guidance and provision for the future
Safety for both volunteers and clients
Progress for clients, both practically and
Suzanne Holden
“For I was hungry and you gave me
something to eat. I was thirsty and
you gave me something to drink. I
was a stranger and you invited me
March 2013
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