Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week
This week was anti-bullying week at St Thomas’. On Wednesday Year 3 had their sharing
assembly on bullying. They danced, sang, acted and even read out their own poem.
Amir said, “To me
bullying is someone
annoying you over and
over again it could be
physical or verbal.”
Chloe C said, “To me
bullying is if people have a
disability and you don’t
treat them the same as
you treat other people.”
Words Can Hurt
Words can hurt, make me sad.
Sometimes you say things which are bad.
Bullies can make me really sad.
Sometimes they make me really mad.
Words can hurt, they let me down.
Sometimes they make me frown.
Before I met you I never cried.
Now you always make me shy.
Words can hurt, and make my heart pound.
They make my head spin around and around.
Your silly jokes make me feel sad.
When you say mean things they make me mad.
We sang and danced
to the song ‘Brave’ by
Sara Bareilles
Words can hurt they’re trapped in my ears.
I will remember it for years and years.
Words can hurt and make me cry.
Words can hurt and make me shy.
By Year 3
Bibi said, “To me
bullying is when
someone thinks a girl
can’t do something
because they’re a girl.”