School Age

Developmental Milestones
• School Age – 5 to 10 yrs.
• Major change – They spend large amounts
of time away from home in a structured
Physical Development
(School Age)
• Eye-hand coordination improves;
reading,drawing, writing more accurately
• Continue to grow, but at a slower pace
• Baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth
• Enjoy games/activities requiring more
skillful running & jumping
Intellectual Development
(School Age)
• Ask many questions
• Acquire reasoning skills (think about why
& how things happen)
• Master more complex tasks (math, reading,
science principles)
Language Development
(School Age)
• During elementary school – child adds
about 5,000 words per year to vocabulary;
improving grammar
Emotional Development
(School Age)
• Less fear, more stress (academics, family
life, changes)
• Those with high self-esteem handle stress
more effectively
• May attempt to hurt other children’s
feelings rather than physically hurt them
Social Development
(school Age)
• More social opportunities outside the
• Social acceptance by peers important; may
not want to be seen as “different”
• More responsibility for own behavior
• Sharing/considering feelings of others
• Better understand property rights of others
• Follow rules due to fear of punishment
Moral Development
(School Age)
• Understands many rules are flexible & can
be changed
• Develops a conscience (inner sense of right
and wrong which encourages good
behavior & causes guilt for bad behavior)
• May care about what others think
• Learn by example