Homework: Read Stephanie Ericsson's “The Ways We Lie” and

Answer the following question as a group (one sheet per group). REMEMBER TO
1. In your own experience what do you believe is the most common kind of lie?
How might you explain why your choice is the most common?
2. Think about a day, perhaps yesterday or today. Did you lie in any of the ways
Ericsson describes? (Remember that one of the most powerful (according to
her) is delusion!)
3. According to Ericsson, lying has become so common that it threatens to
become a ―cultural cancer‖. What does she mean by this expression?
4. Ericsson quotes Martin Buber (a twentieth century philosopher) as saying: ―The
lie is the spirit committing treason against itself.‖ What does Buber mean?
5. Identify examples of informal language in this essay. Is it appropriate and
effective or is it distracting?
6. What is the purpose of the quotations at the start of each type of lie?
7. List the sources of Ericsson’s examples (such as a business acquaintance,
different authors, the Bible, Pearl Harbor). Why do you think she uses such a
variety of examples?
8. Who is Ericsson’s audience for this essay? Is her purpose to accuse them,
make them think, dare them to stop lying – or something else? Be sure to
justify your answer using the text.
9. How would you describe Ericsson’s tone (remember to provide specific support
from the text)?
10. In what ways do you agree with Ericsson on this topic?—explain why
11. In what ways do you disagree with Ericsson on this topic?—explain why
12. Discuss other ideas and/or responses you had as you read Ericsson’s essay.