The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory______________
The expert culinary research and
development team at The Cheesecake
Factory headquarters and Culinary Center in
Calabasas CA were in need of help with
specialty projects.
Their Need:
The overall goal was to work with a consulting team that could utilize their
experience in industry while understanding technology and having a technical
background to work on special projects with out compromising any
Cheesecake Factory standards.
Primary Skills Utilized for Completion of
o Understanding of Culinary Center Culture
o Working Within and Around Standards of
o Culinary Presentations
o Culinary Panel Reviews
o Culinary Sensory Evaluations
o Understanding of New Technology
o Utilization of Technical Ingredients
The Cheesecake Factory partnership with Chef Services Group continues to
grow due to the understanding and emersion into the Culinary Center
Culture. A understanding of Quality Standards and Mission Statement
ensures that Chef Services Group will continue to produce work at acceptable
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