CHRM 1000


Culinary Orientation – Session I

Agenda – Day One

Welcome – Who am I? Who are You? Who are we?

Syllabus Overview

Facility Tour

Uniform Expectations

The Rules


On an Index Card

Name and Email Address

Question 1 – What is your degree option?

Question 2 – Why Metro?

Question 3 – What have you done to get ready for this experience?

Question 4 – What are your career aspirations?


Turn to your neighbor, introduce yourself, and share your answers

Faculty and Staff

Jim Trebbien, Dean

Brian O’Malley

Sage, Tri-Omega, Culinary Team

Janet Mar

Sage, Baking and Pastry, Culinology, Skills USA

Tim O’Donnell

Culinary Foundations

Jo Anne Garvey

Culinary Foundations

Andrew Raschid

Hospitality Management

Faculty and Staff

Brian Young, Chef de Cuisine

Lisa Tooker, Operational Director

Vieva McClure, Service Coordinator

Joellen Zuk, HS Invitational Coordinator

Dan Bartek, Academic Advisor

AJ Swanda, Special Project Liaison

Jennifer Valandra, Special Project Liaison

Paul Goebel, Outreach and Recruitment

Ingrid Armstead, Dean’s Office

Jim Trebbien

Brian O’Malley

Janet Mar

Tim O’Donnell

Jo Anne Garvey

Oystien Solberg

Lisa Tooker

Brian Young

Vieva McClure

AJ Swanda

Joellen Zuk

Jen Valandra

Paul Goebel

Dan Bartek

Ingrid Armstead

Julie Pospishil

John Horvatinovich

Syllabus Overview

Handout Syllabus and Guidebook

Review contact information and grading for the orientation class

What we’ll cover and why

Expectations of Performance

Curriculum and Degree Planning

Physical Orientation

Needed Technical Abilities

(webadvisor, quia, etc.)

Palate Development

Learning Styles


The Critique Process

Extra-Curricular Activities

Measurement and Conversion

The Standard Recipe

Building Tour

What do we need to see?

Locker Rooms

Student Services

Computer Lab

Kitchen/Kitchen Office

Culinary Photo ID – from Char


Point to the Library

Faculty/Dean’s Offices

Uniform Expectations

Uniform Expectations

Now, officially:

5. Respect your feet, your knife, and your kitchen

The Rules

Break into groups, take

1 rule and define it.

Share with the class.


Read the Orientation Packet – There is a quiz on line that will be emailed to you

Go out to eat somewhere by session V fill it out online at:

(follow rule #1)

Find a book about food in the Library and check it out and bring to class next week.

Get your uniform (including ID badge)

Next Week’s Agenda

Class starts with Brigade Review 10 minutes before class time

Share books that you found

Where is the Program Taking You?

Cairn Signature Series

Kitchen Tour on Safety and Sanitation