William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare
Task – Shakespeare’s Biography
NB All Challenge tasks compulsory for sets 1-3
Week 1 – Shakespeare’s personal life
(Write this as an article for a magazine)
Where and when was he born?
Early childhood.
Was he married/children?
Where did he live?
Any other relevant details
Challenge : Describe a day in the life of an Elizabethan.
Weeks 2 and 3 – Stage life as an actor (write this as a narrative)
When and where did he act?
Details of the theatre he worked at.
What was the name of his troupe?
Other relevant details you may find.
Challenge : Write about Shakespeare’s theatre from the viewpoint of a
Weeks 4 and 5 – His Plays
How many plays did he write?
What sort of plays?
Where were they performed?
Name his plays?
(Write an advertising poster – promoting one of his plays)
Challenge : Include all AFORREST and 5 different types of punctuation.
Week 6 – Shakespeare’s Sonnets (Write as an information leaflet)
What are the features of a sonnet?
How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
What are sonnets about?
Find a Shakespeare sonnet and label the features
Challenge : Write your own sonnet (using all the features)