The Outsiders Chapters 5 & 6 Pop Quiz

The Outsiders Chapters 5 & 6 Pop Quiz 1. What was the book that Johnny bought when he went to the store to buy supplies? Gone With the Wind 2. Johnny compares Dally to a character in the book. Who? A Southern Gentleman 3. Which boy bleached his hair so he wouldn’t match his police description? Ponyboy 4. Who is spying for the Greasers? Cherry 5. Who says that Ponyboy and Johnny should turn themselves in? Johnny 6. While they’re hiding out at the church, Ponyboy gets a letter. Who is it from? Sodapop 7. By the end of Chapter 6, Ponyboy & Johnny are considered heroes. Why? They rescue/save children from a burning church 8. Which one of the boys is badly injured? Johnny 9. At the end of Chapter 6, what important thing does Ponyboy realize about Darry? That Darry actually loves Ponyboy and cares for him 10. What is “the fuzz”? The police