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The Outsiders – Study Guide
Choose the description that best matches each character:
A. Responsible, hard-worker
B. Tough, cold, mean
C. Wise-cracker
D. Attractive, like a Greek God
E. Frightened, meek, abused
True or False
Dally got run over by a police cruiser.
Cherry went to the hospital to visit Johnny.
Johnny left a note inside a copy of the book he left with Pony before he died.
Fill in the Blank
Johnny’s last words to Ponyboy were _________.
The book that Johnny and Ponyboy read in the church was _________.
The book was written from which character’s point of view?
Whom in the book does Johnny idolize (admire, love greatly)?
Why did Johnny kill Bob?
Why did Ponyboy say that Dally wanted to die?
Multiple Choice
A major theme in The Outsiders is:
A. Always carry a heater
B. Get to know someone before you judge them
C. Rich people and poor people will never get along
D. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight
E. Don’t bring a gun to a knife fight
The Outsiders – Study Guide
Which statement is NOT true about Two-Bit Mathews?
A. He thinks Ponyboy is a tag-along
B. He always has to get his “two bits” into the conversation
C. He hates school
D. He enjoys drinking alcohol and stealing
Darry’s icy blue eyes are mentioned several times. What do his eyes suggest about his
A. He is intense and emotional
B. He is cold, mean, and logical
C. He is dreamy and unpredictable
D. He is tranquil and peaceful
The color blue is a motif (a recurring symbol) in the book. What is associated with the color
A. Dally’s eyes, Darry’s eyes, and Ponyboy’s t-shirt
B. Ponyboy’s eyes, Johnny’s eyes, and the Socs Mustang
C. Madras shirts, the Socs Mustang, and Darry’s eyes
D. The sky, Ponyboy’s t-shirt, and the Soc’ Mustang
Which of the following factored into shaping Johnny’s shy, nervous personality?
A. His verbally abusive mother
B. His drunk, belligerent, physically abusive father
C. Being jumped by the Socs
D. All of the above
What is the main reason the Socs and the Greasers fight?
A. They dress differently
B. They wear their hair in different styles
C. They come from different social classes
D. They drive different cars
What did Cherry mean when she told Ponyboy, “You can see the sunset from both sides of
The Outsiders – Study Guide