Quarterly Exam Review Sheet

Participation in Government
Review Sheet – Quarterly Exam #1
Completion counts as a QUIZ grade
Directions: Students should be able to define, describe and/or explain the importance of the
following terms and concepts:
I. Foundations of American Democracy
Types of Governments
Totalitarian Dictatorship
Role of citizen in a democracy (civic virtue)
Declaration of Independence –when, why?
Natural rights
Social contract
United States Constitution –when, why?
Preamble to the Constitution—what is it for?
Great Compromise
Purpose of Amendments
What are the requirements for amending the Constitution?
II. Principles of American Government
Separation of Powers
Executive Branch: requirements to run for President
Roles or “Hats” of the President:
Chief Executive
Chief Legislator: does the president write and pass the laws?
Commander in Chief
Chief of State
Appointment of Judges
Presidential Cabinet
Legislative Branch + Role
Judicial Branch + Role
Marbury vs Madison
Checks and Balances
Examples of one branch “checking” the others
Delegated Powers
Examples of Delegated Powers
Reserved Powers
Examples of Reserved Powers
Concurrent Powers
Examples of Concurrent Powers
III Elections
Roles of political parties
Electoral College System
Reasons for creating Electoral College system
Determination of votes per state
Criticisms of the system
Voting Qualifications – what are they and who determines?