Unit 2 Review

Unit 2 Review
1. Federalism
 This is a major system involving various branches
and levels. Be able to show the relationship between
Federal and State government.
 How they are similar and what makes them
different. (think of the big 9 block cube you drew)
2. Elections
 What group/person is given power at each level
(Federal, State, Local… think of the 9 boxes!)
 How are they elected? Role of Gerrymandering?
 How does the Electoral College work?
3. Powers of Congress
 What powers do you they have in the Constitution?
 What is their role in Foreign Policy? (treaty,war)
4. Powers of the President
 Roles, Requirements, Foreign Policy,
5. Powers of the Federal Courts
 Jurisdictions, Levels, Types of cases
6. State Government
 What makes them different from the Federal Gov’t?
 What things are unique to N.C. (constitution, etc…)
7. Local Government
 Municipal vs. county (similarities and differences)
 Leadership
 Peoples rights (initiative v. referendum)
8. Processes
 Impeachment
 Bill to Law
 Amendment
 Checks & Balances
 Electoral College