Final Exam Corporate Marketing Management Spring 2013

Final Exam
Corporate Marketing Management
Spring 2013
Questions for the oral exam
Part 1: Random choice of one question
Answers should take 2-3 minutes. Follow-up questions may be asked.
1. What is the AIDA model? Why is it important to marketing?
2. What is the difference between a cost plus model and a perceived value model of pricing?
In what situations would you use each one?
3. Explain how you can communicate with price.
4. Why is understanding habits important for marketers?
5. What is the difference between primary and secondary research? How can you decide
which one is best for your needs?
6. Compare and contrast relationship marketing with transactional marketing.
7. What are the main ways in which customer markets are segmented? Why do companies
segment markets?
8. What is meant by positioning? What tools can you use to position a product? Explain.
9. How should one go about determining a marketing strategy?
10. What is the product life cycle? How does it affect marketing strategy?
Part 2: Advertisement analysis
You will be shown an ad and asked to analyze it for several minutes.