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Gabriel A. Sanchez
14747 Kristenright Lane
Orlando, FL 32826
Cell: 407-202-8160
Summary of Qualifications: Senior level Human Resource Manager with a high level of expertise in Department
of the Army Personnel Systems, and Platoon/Company/Battalion level Army supply system. Possess strengths in
areas requiring attention to detail, personnel development, and management skills. Over eight year’s professional
experience in Department of the Army Human Resource, Finance and management. Experience in the following
Microsoft Office suite application (Excel, Power Point, MS Word)
Lotus notes e-mail and meeting scheduler
Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO)
Personnel Network (PERNET)
Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS)
Electronic Total Officer Personnel Management Information System (eTOPMIS)
Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS)
High School – University High School, Orlando FL – May 2003
College – University of Phoenix – BS in Business with a concentration in Management – 60 Credit Hours –
Expected date of Graduation 2016
Mid-level Manager Course – Warrior Leader Course – Commandants list – GPA 99%
Languages: Bilingual in Spanish and English.
Career History:
Raytheon IIS WTA
12792 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826
Jun 2013 – Present
Functional staff executive support – 40 Hours per Week
Serve on the functional support staff team at Raytheon IIS under the Warfighter Focus program, directly supporting
the Supply Chain department, the Contracts department, and the Finance department with all administrative support
services. Coordinating meetings and managing part of the GTS leadership team’s calendars.
Squad Leader and Platoon Supply Representative
United States Army Reserve, 912th HR Company
Orlando, FL
Apr 2013 – Present
Serve as a squad leader directly responsible for the training and well-being of 6 soldiers and their families. As the
platoons supply representative I am responsible for identifying any missing or damaged equipment within a platoon
of 36 soldiers and nearly $1.6 million worth of property. Managing all individual and platoon hand receipts and
managing the entire inventory within the platoon. I ensure that all equipment is ordered or reordered through the
appropriate channel allowing the platoon can carry out its mission on any given day.
Assistant Senior Human Resource Sergeant
United States Army, 3-17th CAV S-1
Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA 31405
Assistant Senior Human Resource Sergeant – 50 Hours per Week
Nov 2010 – Apr 2013
Serve as the Human Resources Sergeant for an Air Cavalry Aviation Squadron that is assigned to the 3 rd Infantry
Division consisting of five (5) subordinate Troops and a Headquarters Troop for a total of 460 soldiers, including
maintaining personnel records and processing personnel actions for service members and their families. Participate
in occupational classification and management of human resources; and was the hand receipt holder of all
equipment that belonged to the Battalion S-1.
1. Responsible for preparing and processing all administrative documents for over 460 soldiers.
2. Chosen over peers to be the S-1 hand receipt holder in charge of nearly $20 million worth of equipment.
3. Chosen over peers to hold the position of Senior Human Resource Sergeant which is a position two grades
above own and recommended for the promotion to Staff Sergeant ahead of peers.
4. Directly Responsible for the accountability, training, health, welfare, safety and readiness of 5 soldiers and
the care of their families.
5. Was a vital part in the mentoring and development of 3 soldiers which allowed them to get promoted to the
next higher grade.
6. Worked hand in hand with the Battalion S-3 NCOIC to revamp the stocking and distribution system of the
Battalion to make it a more user friendly and efficient system.
7. Prepared and processed recommendations for awards and decorations and arranges for awards ceremony.
8. Prepared, updated, and coordinated requests for evaluations, to include responding to evaluation inquiries.
9. Prepared and monitor requests for promotions and arranges for promotion ceremony, to include promotion
declinations, reconsideration for promotions, and arrange for reduction and removal boards for soldiers on
local promotion standing lists.
10. Held a vital role during the division staff inspection which ensured the organization received a superior
11. Organized and implemented a flawless plan that allowed my section to excel during the MIP, resulting in
commendable ratings.
12. Fostered a positive work environment by unselfishly sharing insight and knowledge with seniors, peers and
13. Revamped the Awards Tracking System that improved the awards processing time by 60%, resulting in
100% timeliness and processing rate.
14. Prepared and monitors requests for reductions, transfers, and discharges. Prepared and monitors requests for
identification cards and tags, leaves, and passes, line of duty determination, MILPER data and information
management, orders for temporary duty and travel, personnel processing, Security clearances, training and
reassignment, retention, military and special pay programs, personnel accounting and strength management,
transition processing, legal, meal cards, training soldier support file, and unit administration.
Human Resource Sergeant
United States Army, 3-17th Cavalry Squadron S-1
Oct 2009 – Nov 2010
Human Resource Sergeant – 90+ Hours per Week
Deployed to Afghanistan, during the Global War on Terrorism:
1. Chosen over peers to hold the position of Human Resource Sergeant which was a position one grade above
2. Chosen by the First Sergeant to help the Company supply room with day to day operations during my time
away from the S-1.
3. Organized and implemented a flawless redeployment plan that allowed the unit to execute a 100%
successful redeployment with no loss of life or equipment.
4. Recommended for the promotion to Sergeant ahead of peers.
5. Held the position as Battalion mail clerk throughout the duration of the deployment.
6. Revamped the Personnel Actions Tracking System that improved the Personnel Actions processing time for
650 deployed Soldiers by 70%, resulting in 100% timeliness and processing rate.
Human Resource Specialist
United States Army, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade S-1
Oct 2008 – Oct 2009
Human Resource Specialist – 90+ Hours per Week
Deployed to Iraq, during Operation Iraqi Freedom:
1. Held a critical position during the organizing and planning process during the Brigades redeployment plan
that allowed the unit to successfully redeploy over 4,600 Soldiers and DOD civilians.
2. Reworked the Brigade DEERS ID card sections to accommodate and meet the Divisions mission
requirement to support 25,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Air men and DOD civilians and contractors,
resulting in 100% timeliness and processing rate.
3. Chosen over 2 peers and 3 seniors to become 1 of 2 enlisted liaisons from the S-1 to the Brigade Command
team during all command and staff meetings and primary staff sync meetings.
Human Resource Specialist
United States Army, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade S-1
Ft. Drum, NY
Jul 2007 – Oct 2008
Human Resource Specialist – 50+ Hours per Week
1. Developed a vital part of the organizing process during the Brigades deployment plan which allowed the
Brigade to deploy over 4,600 Soldiers and DOD civilians while meeting all safety standards and mission
2. Prepared and processed over 1,100 individual Soldiers Deployment Readiness Checklists, insuring that all
pre-deployment requirements were meet. Resulting in a 100% accurate readiness assessment for the
Brigade Command Team.
63M Bradley Fighting Vehicle
System Maintainer
Feb 2006 – Jun 2007
United States Army, A Troop 1-11th ACR
Fr. Irwin, CA
Bradley Fighting Vehicle Maintainer – 50+ Hours per Week
Service, troubleshoot, adjust and replace turbine/electrical system components and assembly of the Bradley Fighting
1. Responsible for performing unit maintenance of vehicular-mounted armaments (including machine guns),
associated fire control, and related systems on the improved TOW vehicle (ITV), infantry fighting vehicle
(IFV), cavalry fighting vehicle (CFV), and fire support vehicle (FISTV).
2. Maintains (inspects, repairs, test, and adjusts) cannon assemblies, turret missile launchers, ammunition
feeder- loader systems, secondary armament systems, traversing systems, elevating systems, stabilization
systems, electrical power distribution systems, electrical firing systems, hydraulic systems, and sighting and
fire control systems.
5 – Army Achievement Medals for Meritorious Achievement and Service
2 – Army Commendation Medals for Meritorious Achievement and Service
2 – Army Good Conduct Medals for Exemplary Performance
1 – National Defense Service Medal
1 – Afghanistan Campaign Medal with 2 campaign stars
1 – Iraq Campaign Medal with 2 campaign stars
1 – Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
1 – Army Service Ribbon
2 – Overseas Service Ribbons
1 – NATO medal
1 – Professional development ribbon
1 – Meritorious Unit Commendation