Video: The Evolutionary Arms Race

Evolutionary Arms Race Video
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Video: The Evolutionary Arms Race
1. What type of organism lives in Oregon and is regarded as one of the
world's most dangerous creatures?
2. How do scientists explain the evolutionary development of such potent
toxins in such a creature?
3. What proportion of people fell victim of the Black Plague?
4. How many individuals fell victim to influenza during WWI?
5. What was the first antibiotic developed for use by humans in WW II?
6. What disease is spreading rampantly through the Russian prison system?
7. List several (2-3) factors have led to the emergence (evolution) of drug
strains of various diseases?
8. The worst bacterial diseases seem to live naturally in ______________.
9. Why is it that large cats (lions, tigers, cheetahs) exposed to FIV don’t
contract the disease?
How is the relationship between cats and FIV similar to what has been
discovered about 10 % of the European population and HIV?
How exactly does the mutation present in 10 of Europeans protect their
cells from HIV?
What is meant by symbiosis ?
Give an example of a symbiotic relationship that occurs in nature:
14. How do leaf cutter and keep harmful molds from over running their
What was discovered in Germany (Bavaria) about the connection between
farm animals and allergies in children?
16. According to one of the final statements in the video…what unique
vision separates humans from the rest of life on earth?
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