Video Notes – Nova: The Evolutionary Arms Race 1. What is

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Video Notes – Nova: The Evolutionary Arms Race
1. What is significant about the Rough Skinned Newt?
2. Why is the newt so toxic?
3. What is the one organism that humans must fear?
4. Name 3 organisms that claimed huge populations of human life.
5. What are the chemicals that are used by bacteria to fight each other that we have utilized? Give an example.
6. What is the new epidemic in the Russian prison systems?
7. How easy is it to spread this disease?
8. How has Sasha’s strain of the disease evolved?
9. What is one method that exists for controlling these drug resistant strains?
10. How has the disease spread?
11. What is the “scary find”?
12. What are two causes of drug resistant bacteria?
13. What happens when more and more antibiotics are used?
14. What is a new method of attacking the drug resistant bacteria problem?
15. What did the cholera outbreak in South America teach us?
16. What is important about the cats and Feline Immune Virus (FIV)?
17. What was significant link to humans and HIV from cats and FIV?
18. What is it called when 2 organisms provide mutual benefits to each other? Give an example.
19. What partnership took scientists to the remote jungles of Brazil?
20. What happened to the fungus when the ants were removed? What conclusions were drawn from these
21. Why didn’t the mold become antibiotic resistant?
22. What is stated about our immune systems and bacterial exposure?
23. What were some of the findings from the Bavarian study of children in rural and urban area?