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What we are learning…
February Dates
February 2-5
~ Fennell Fundraiser
Bible Verse 1 Samuel 12:20 (NIV): “Do not be afraid,”
Samuel replied. “You have done all this evil; yet do not
turn away from the Lord, but serve the Lord with all your heart.”
History Study guides for the chapters, “Countries of Central and Southern
Asia” and Science ’s “Heat and Energy,” have been given. Keep reviewing for
the tests on Thursday and Friday, respectively. Health Keep reviewing “Quiz”
February 12
~ Grandparents
Day (K-6th Grade)
~ Spirit Day:
Different Decade
pages 35-36. The quiz has been pushed to next Friday.
Reading/Writing Graphic organizers are helpful tools to visually organize
information, and we have been using them (i.e. T-Chart, Venn diagram) and will
continue to use them (i.e. timeline, pie, and graph) for the class novel to
unearth pertinent details. Also, the monthly reading calendar is due tomorrow.
Language Arts Complete the spelling handouts for Spelling and Wordly
Wise. Prepare for the tests this Wednesday. We have been learning how to
use punctuation (end marks and commas) correctly, using Write Source.
Math The slowing down to re-explore math concepts have been quite fruitful
and will help with the re-take Math Test (12).
Homework daily… (The subjects above contain more details.)
Read; Re-do Math Test 12* (of lessons 61-65); Reading calendar
Read; M. Problem Set 75-evens; Spelling 19*; Wordly Wise* 10D-E
Read; M. Practice Set 76; Begin Spelling 20; History*
Read; M. Problem Set 76 evens; BMVP*; Science*
Read; M. Practice Set 77
February 13-16
~ President's Day
Break (NO
February 17
~ PTF Meeting
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
February 26
~ Passport Testing
Science Fair
Project: More
information TBA.
*Reminder: Test/quiz is tomorrow
Fieldtrip: Thank you for your prayers, and for all the adults who joined us
to make this field trip memorable and safe! We were awed by glass art,
created by high-risk middle school students; expressed our feelings through
making art in the craft room; watched the glass blowers make a doggy dish at
the Hot Shop; learned how heat and metal tools are used to blow glass; then,
ended with some (eye) shopping in their glittering, gleaming, glass-filled gift
To end, we met Chuck-E-Cheese, ate pizza, played games, won prizes,
and cooled down with ice-cream. Good times learning while having fun!
Fennell Fundraiser: Each class will be collecting money to help. Donators
will be given a “We love Mrs. Fennell” body decal (face, arm, hand).
⇒Tardy students must sign in at the CCA office with a written note (of date,
student’s name and reason) signed by the guardian. (Emails accepted.)
Next class novel…
Bud, Not Buddy
Homework Pie…
20 min.: Reading
10 min.: Math
5 min.: Wordly Wise
5 min.: Spelling
5 min.: Bible Verse
3 min.: Passport
3 min.: Health
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