Solutions and Suspensions

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Chapter 2 Notes – The Chemistry of Life
Section 2-2 Solutions and Suspensions (p. 41)
A _______________ is a material composed of two or more elements or
compounds that are ___________________ mixed but not chemically combined.
Two types of mixtures can be made with water:
1. ______________________
2. ______________________
All the components of a solution are evenly ____________________ throughout
the solution.
In a salt—water solution, table salt is the _________________—the
substance that is dissolved.
Water is the __________________—the substance in which in which the
solute dissolves.
Example: table salt and water
1. When a crystal of table salt is placed in warm water, ______________ (Na+)
and _______________ (Cl-) ions are attracted to the _____________ water
2. Ions break away from the crystal and are surrounded by _____________
3. The ions gradually become dispersed in the water, forming a
Water’s __________________ gives it the ability to dissolve both ionic compounds
and other polar molecules, such as _______________.
Water is the greatest ___________________ on Earth.
Some materials do not __________________ when placed in water, but
___________________ into pieces so small that they do not settle out.
The movement of ______________ molecules keeps the small particles
Such mixtures of water and nondissolved material are known as
Some of the most important biological ______________ are both solutions and
The ______________ that circulates through your body is mostly water,
which contains many dissolved compounds.
Blood also contains ___________ and other undissolved particles that
remain in ___________________ as the blood moves through the body.