Mr. Forrest: A.P. Physics 2015/16

Useful Tools for A. P. Physics

I) Physics phone/email tree

– I'll get this out to you next week after people sign up.

II) Edmodo

– More teachers are using Edmodo this year, and it will be the only place I post homework solutions as Pencast PDF’s. Edmodo is an educational social networking site. There are lots of ways to make use of this, but initially I'll be interested in using it as a place to answer questions and act as a forum. At times there may be designated 'online office hours' for help and discussion – and it might be a great way to communicate during your take home test. We'll sign up in class for this, and you can choose to use it as much (or little) as you wish. Also, Edmodo has an app. for handhelds (both iOS and Android). There is the Edmodo option for having a Parent sign-up as well, which requires a parent code. We can decide whether we want or need to use this part of Edmodo or not. EDMODO STUDENT ACCOUNT SET UP: 1) Get on a browser and Google 'Edmodo'. 2) Select the student sign up. If you already have an Edmodo account, to add AP physics as a class, simply go to the URL:

3) Follow the instructions for student sign up. 4) To sign up for A.P. Physics with me, the code is: just set up).


5) If you have other teachers that use Edmodo, you can sign up for their courses as well (within the same account you 6) If you want the app. on your phone or tablet, go to the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (Android).

III) AP Physics problem of the day

- Go to

and sign up. This REALLY helped some students last year and at times I'll offer a bonus for you turning in an answer.

IV) Logger Pro


from Vernier Software

– We use this graphing tool often in class, and it can be quite valuable for you to have it at home. The company's generous site license allows students to have a copy on their home computer as well, which can be great for a number of things, especially when you need to finish and analyze lab data at home. I strongly urge you to put this on your home computer ASAP. TO DOWNLOAD LOGGER PRO à You must see your hard copy of this handout to sign up. Due to software license agreements we may not post the password for access to this on an unprotected website.

1) Get on a browser and Google 'Vernier Software and Technology' 2a) Logger Pro 3.8.7 with sample movies (Windows)


Password: à See comment in red above 2b) Logger Pro 3.8.7 with sample movies (Mac OS X)


Password: à See comment in red above 3) Detailed Step-by-Step Guide Do you need more detailed instructions on how to download and install Vernier software? Please read their detailed download instructions online:

V) Pencasts and my website

– Usually I will post answers to homework just after they are checked so that you can correct them. However, I've also posted them BEFORE the assignment is due at times, so look for the Pencasts – I'll show you how to access one of these in class. I’ll embed these within Edmodo as a Livescribe PDF and also archive these on my website. You do not need any special software to see a Pencast or to download a PDF of the homework solutions, but to actually play the audio, you’ll need to drag the PDF into a window when you click on it (works with Chrome, Safari and Explorer, but NOT Firefox). You can also play the Pencast on the Livescribe + App after you download the App from Google Play or The App Store (Android or iOS respectively). FYI, you can find my website by going to the Pickerington North site and searching my name under teacher web pages. Or, you can just head to:

VI) Online edition of textbook and a couple other assignments


Mastering Physics

Your textbook is remarkably heavy and unwieldy. While this is great for building cores strength, many students don’t have the stamina or drive to carry such as heavy book home and back on a regular basis. The good news is that you will have access to an eText as well as the hard copy. My recommendation is that you keep your hard copy at school for times when we may need it in class, and access the book electronically at home. However, if your Internet is unreliable or slow, then have the hard copy with you on nights before homework is due! This also is a location where you can access the ActivPhysics simulations that we’ll use from time to time. Here’s how to register: Here’s how to register: 1) Go to or Google ‘Mastering Physics’ and select the button to register as a student 2) Enter the first six letters of your access code. SSNAST 3) When prompted, click on ‘COVERED TITLES’, then SCIENCE, then choose the correct title and author of your textbook: It’s

Knight: Physics For Scientists & Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics 3e MasteringPhysics

4) Then go to ‘Student Registration’ 5) Accept the privacy policy 6) Then enter the full access code 7) Finally you’ll need to fill in your contact information and email. 8) After you put in your contact information you’ll be prompted for the course ID. Our course ID is:


9) This SHOULD work J ; I hope :-/ Full Access Code: SSNAST-STEAD-SKELF-TURVY-HIGHS-PORES

VII) Online homework



In years past, some homework assignments have been assigned online. I’ve used a program called QUEST the past few years, and we’ll be using this again for the assignments that are done online. Here’s how to sign up for Quest!


Off Campus Student Enrollment

• Obtain the unique number of your course from your instructor. • If you have not already done so, obtain a UT EID from . If you give the EID system bogus information, you may not be able to retrieve your EID nor the password in the future. If your email address changes, you need to return to this URL and correct it.

NEVER obtain a second EID

, doing so can cause issues • Log into redirection doesn't work, type in the URL You will be sent to the EID system for your EID and password, then redirected back to us. If the again: • Click the arrow beside "Log In To Quest" • Make sure that the "Hello" in the upper right-hand corner has your name. • Under the MY COURSES tab, choose "ENROLL IN NEW COURSE" • Supply the unique number in the box and choose "LOOKUP COURSE INFO" The unique information for our A.P. Physics course should be: Course Name: AP Physics Pick North 15-16 Short Name: APPICK Unique course number:


• Select the appropriate course (if more than one option) and choose "REQUEST ENROLLMENT" • Your instructor has to approve your request before you can proceed in the course. LINK TO STUDENT PAGE FOR GETTING STARTED: