How did the ancient Greeks view their gods and goddesses?
What does this pantheon tell us about the ancient Greeks?
__________________: The supreme god. God of the sky, storms, wind, family,
and friendship. He punishes the wicked with thunderbolts.
__________________: Wife of Zeus. Goddess of all women, of marriage, and
mothers. Her sacred animal is the key.
__________________: The goddess and protector of Athens, of wisdom, and
skilled workers. She was born from the head of her father, Zeus.
__________________: The god of sunlight, music, and poetry. He is one of
Zeus’ sons.
__________________: Goddess of hunting, wild animals, and birth. She is
responsible for sudden deaths, and never forgives an insult. She is Apollo’s
twin sister.
_________________: God of the sea and water. He raises storms and causes
earthquakes. He is one of Zeus’ brothers.
_________________: Goddess of love and beauty. Her symbol is the dove.
_________________: God of wine, drinking, and pleasure. He is one of Zeus’
_________________: God of fire and metalworking. He is the husband of
Aphrodite. He is not the most handsome of the Greek gods!
_________________: The messenger of the gods and protector of travelers.
_________________: God of war, bravery, and battle-lust. He is one of Zeus’
sons. He often comes to earth in the form of a wild boar.
_________________: God of the dead, the underworld, and hidden wealth.
He is one of Zeus’ brothers.