Study Guide: Quiz/Quest—The Treaty of Versailles/Paris Peace

Study Guide: Quiz/Quest—The Treaty of Versailles/Paris Peace Conference,
The Legacy of World War I, and The Armenian Genocide
• Treaty of Versailles/Paris Peace Conference
1. B.R.A.T.—know the specific details of this—amounts, numbers,
areas, etc.
2. Who were the Big Four at the Paris Peace Conference? Names
and Countries in which they were from.
3. What were some of the problems that the Big Four were
experiencing during the Paris Peace Conference?
4. Why was Russia not invited? What was going on in Russia
during the time of the Peace Conference?
5. What were Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points? (What were some ideas
in the 14 points?) What was the League of Nations?
6. Why was the League of Nations so weak? (two reasons)
7. Why did the U.S. not join the League of Nations? (League of
Nations: Yes or No?)
8. What is “Self-Determination”? How did the Paris Peace
Conference violate this idea?
• The Legacy of WWI:
1. What was significant about battles such as The Somme and
2. How did WWI violate the principles of the Enlightenment?
3. Explain how technology in WWI was both positive and negative.
4. What empires collapsed after WWI? What happened to these
empires? (new names, size, new countries created from old
5. How did WWI affect the power of governments?
6. What was the basis (reason) for the Armenian Genocide? Who
was targeted? What country were the Armenians in?
7. How did WWI affect The United States?