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Hercules Myth Discussion Questions

Great Books I
Miss Stahr
Hercules Discussion Questions
o Sin & Atonement
 Rage/fury/insanity (because Hera’s jealousy & Zeus’s desire to give glory)
 Hides because ashamed of sin
 Finally goes to oracle. Must accomplish works to atone for sin.
 Can’t actually do.
 Only Christ’s blood can atone
o Hercules as Samson
 Strongest man that ever lived
 Defeated enemies
 Killed lion
 Fury/Rage (kills kids; kills Philistines & lion)
 Defeated by wife’s deception
o Hercules as Christ
 Threatened at birth
 Divine/Human (brother is son of man, Hercules is son of Zeus)
 Makes atonement
 Goes into death; brings back death in submission
 Glorified; given eternal throne
What do we learn about sin and atonement?
What is the role of the oracle?
What are similarities/differences between Hercules & Samson?
What are similarities/differences between Hercules & Christ?