Economic Geography # 6

Economic Geography # 6
1. Name one of the two countries that together account for more than half of the
world’s export trade in automobiles.
2. Name one of the two continents where the majority of people are involved in
3. The Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom have become exporters of
energy mainly because of the discovery of oil and gas under a neighbouring body
of water. Name the body of water.
4. To what country in Southwest Asia would you travel to observe agricultural
techniques on a kibbutz?
5. The Hyundai automobile is manufactured in the only Asian country besides
Japan to export automobiles to North America. Name the country in Asia.
6. Piraeus is the port for a major European city. Name the city.
7. Which U.S. port on the Great Lakes has developed as a major centre for rail,
air, and boat traffic?
8. The truffle, an edible fungus that is harvested with the help of trained pigs, is a
luxury export of Europe's chief agricultural country. Name the country.
9. Name the country in the Middle East that has the world's largest known
petroleum reserves.
10. An association of countries called OPEC meets together to make decisions
about selling an important natural resource to the rest of the world. What do the
initials O-P-E-C or OPEC stand for?
Answers to Round 7: 1. Japan, Germany 2. Asia, Africa 3. North Sea 4.
Israel 5. South Korea (Note that South Korea and North Korea are separate
countries) 6. Greece 7. Chicago 8. France
9. Saudi Arabia
10. the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries