Unit 9 Review

Exam on Thursday!!!!
 - I. Shogunates
 - II. European Imperialism
 - III. Communist Revolution
 - IV. Meiji Restoration
 From the list above, which is a part of the history of both
China and Japan?
 A. I
 B. II
 C. III
 D. IV
 In 1945, the Nationalists and the Communists fought for
control of China. Where did the losing group migrate to form
their own political system?
 A. Taiwan
 B. Japan
 C. North Korea
 D. Tibet
 Males will outnumber females
because of cultural preferences.
 A. use of English as the language of business
 B. adoption of European and American sports
 C. popularity of fast food restaurants and pop music
 D. adoption of American clothes in the villages
 Positives:_____________
 Negatives:_____________
flood control, displacement
of people
 polluted water
 deforestation
 soil erosion
 desertification
Japan has always needed natural
resources and must import most of
 After World War II, Korea was divided into
two nations. Which of the following
describes how the North views the South?
 A. political allies
 B. economic allies
 C. political enemies
 D. imperialistic power
North Korea, political,