Bacteria and Viruses Quiz

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Bacteria and Viruses Quiz
Matching: Match the word on the left with the correct description on
the right.
1. ______
A. Rod-shaped
2. ______
B. Spiral
3. ______
C. Spherical
Multiple Choice: Circle the best answer.
4. What kinds of drugs are used to kill bacteria?
A. Pesticides
B. Antibiotics
C. Flu shots
5. What do bacteria do inside your digestive tract?
A. They break down molecules that your body can’t break down.
B. They destroy harmful food additives.
C. They build simple molecules into more complex ones.
6. Through what asexual process can bacteria reproduce?
A. Fusion
B. Mitosis
C. Binary fission
7. What are flagella?
A. Whip-like strands that help bacteria move
B. Another name for the nuclear material inside a bacterial cell
C. A type of bacteria that lives inside a cow’s stomach
8. Bacteria are:
A. Prokaryotic
B. Eukaryotic
9. Bacteria can exchange genetic material in a process similar to sexual
reproduction called:
A. Fusion
B. Meiosis
C. Conjugation
10. The protein coat that surrounds the nucleic acid core of the virus is
called a:
A. Capsid
B. Viroid
C. Prion
11. Which cycle causes the host cell to lyse (burst)?
A. Lytic cycle
B. Lysogenic cycle
12. What is the name of the enzyme in retroviruses that causes DNA to
be made from RNA?
A. Retroenzyme
B. Reverse transcriptase
C. Backwardsenzyme
13. What is the name of the viruses that infect bacteria?
A. Bacteriophage
B. Herpes virus
C. Chickenpox
14. What is used to prevent viral diseases?
A. Vaccines
B. Antibiotics
C. Allergy medication
15. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) causes the disease known as:
B. Smallpox
C. Hepatitis
16. What caused the potato famine in Ireland?
A. A viroid
B. A prion
17. Mad Cow disease, Kuru, and sheep scrapie are caused by:
A. Viroids
B. Prions
True or False: Circle the best answer.
18. True or False: Viruses are living organisms.
19. True or False: All viruses are made of DNA.
20. True or False: Viruses can only reproduce when inside a host cell.