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CIS 75 Business Skills Development
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This course focuses on smartphones as sources of
evidence, providing the necessary skills to manage
mobile devices in a forensically sound manner,
understand the diff~rent technologies , discover
malware, and analyze the results for use in digital
investigations by conducting a deep analysis of a
smartphone's fie systems.
This 3-day course is taught by Mr. Nhan Nguyen (the
FBI's foremost experts in mobile phone forensics).
Mr. Nguyen is a Senior Computer Forensic Examiner
at Orange County Regional Computer Forensics
Laboratory (OCRCFL). Mr. Nguyen graduated from
Stevenson University,
Maryland, MD with a MS in
fiorensics Studies and has
been working for FBI for
more than 10 years.
Clas meeting dates:---::;=~
This aourse teaches t e skills that enable digital
forensic examiner . law enforcement officers, and
information security professionals to successfully
handl~ investigations Involving even the nnost
co91pl'ex mobile devices available today.
21201. , 2127/15, and 3/6115.
Class Topics will include:
Introduction to Mobi1e Forensics
Mobile Phone Evidence Extraction Proces •
Potential Evidence Store on Mobile Phone
Understanding the Internal of iOS and An raid
Data Acquisition f om
iOS and Android
iOS and Android Data
Analysis and
Recovery Techniques
Windows Phone and
Blackberry Forensics
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