FORM NO. 157 [See rule 331] COMPANIES ACT. 1956 Members

FORM NO. 157
[See rule 331] COMPANIES ACT. 1956 Members' Voluntary Winding‐
Return of Final Winding‐up Meeting (pursuant to section 497)
Name of company
Presented by
The Registrar of Companies.
I/'We .... of ....... being the liquidator(s) of...
Ltd .• hereby inform you that a general meeting of
the company was duly held onl 'summoned for the ....... day of..
, pursuant to section
for the purpose of laying before it an account (of which a copy is attached hereto) showing how the
winding‐up of the company has been conducted and the property of the company disposed of. and that
the account was duly laid before the said meeting/'no quorum was present at the meeting.
A copy of the minute of the meeting is also annexed.
Dated the ....... day of . 19 .
t Signature( s) Note : The copy of
account accompanying this return must be authenticated by the signature(s) of the liquidator(s).
'Strike out what does not apply.
[To be signed by each liquidator, if more than one.