Series Test-2

PSNA College of Engineering and Technology
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Modeling and Analysis of Electrical Machines
Serial Test –II
Class: ME (Power Electronics and Drives)
Total Marks: 50
Sub: Modeling and analysis of Electrical Machines
Sub Code: PE1601
Staff: M.Kaliamoorthy
9 X 2 = 18
1. The stator current of a three phase rotating electric machine with symmetrical stator
2 
2 
winding are I as  2 I a cos et , I bs  2 I b cos et 
, I cs  2 I c cos et 
3 
3 
where the currents Ia,Ib and Ic are unbalanced. Comment on the total air gap mmf due
to stator currents.
2. State whether for a three phase salient pole synchronous machine the mutual
inductances between the stator windings are a function of rotor position under
dynamic conditions. Explain your answer.
3. List various parameters of a synchronous machine
4. Give an expression for fundamental space MMF
5. Differentiate Concentrated and distributed winding. Explain why distributed winding
is preferred.
6. Differentiate Short pitched winding and full pitched winding. Explain which is having
more advantages.
7. Mention significance of rotating magnetic field.
8. Give the expression for transfer functions of DC motor.
9. Give the expression for MMF of field winding of synchronous motors
10. Give the expression for torque of induction machine.
Answer ALL questions
2 x 16 =32
11. (a) Draw the Magneto Motive Force Space wave and derive the expression of MMF
for the following (i) Concentrated, Full pitched winding (ii) Distributed Winding (iii)
Short Pitched winding.
(b) (i) Explain the steps involved in the computation of dc motor response and other
quantities of interest with the help of a flow chart.
(ii) Discuss the various operational impedances for a synchronous machine with four
rotor windings
12. (a) From first principles derive the voltage and torque equations of a three phase
symmetrical induction machine.
(b) For a 2 pole 3 phase wye connected salient pole machine derive the expressions for
per phase winding inductances.
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