DNA K'Nex – Transcription and Translation Name: Pre

DNA K’Nex – Transcription and Translation
1. In your own words describe transcription. (Hint: think of the root word)
2. In your own words describe translation. (Hint: think of the root word)
3. How are amino acids related to translation?
4. List all items involved with transcription and translation?
1. Construct a DNA strand with the sequence CGGGTGATAACG. When complete
get a stamp from your teacher.
DNA Completion Stamp
2. Next, make an RNA strand for one side of your DNA sequence. Have your RNA
and DNA strand attached and show your teacher for a completion stamp.
RNA Completion Stamp
3. Finally, using your RNA strand make your protein (amino acid chain). Use the
codon chart key and colorful beads to build your protein. Finally, determine the
function of your protein from the key provided and write it in the box below.
What does this DNA code for?
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