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Motiva™ Pre-finished steel for Domestic Appliances
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Electrolux Case Study
Pre-finished steel
Further advantage
First class rating
With the supply of pre-finished steel now in place Electrolux
continued to gain further advantage from its relationship with
Corus through the co-development of a product traceability
system. Unique barcodes, containing coil identities and other
information are given to each pallet of material.
Following the first 6 months of supply, Electrolux have
awarded Corus Colors with a Q rated supplier classification.
This rating can only be achieved for suppliers who have
consistently achieved 100% service levels with no rejections
or delivery failures.
The system's real value comes when products are delivered to
Electrolux, who scan the barcodes into their systems as and
when they use each pallet of pre-finished steel. Consequently,
this consignment stocking approach keeps an accurate record
of usage & product history and even facilitates automatic
invoicing as and when the stock goes through the process.
Steve Evans also commented;
“ Due to the early involvement in the
project of the relevant personnel in the
supply chain from both Electrolux and
Corus, the project was implemented on
time and trouble free and has provided
a benchmark for further pre-finished
steel supply in the future. Electrolux
and Corus are now investigating further
avenues of trading which we are
confident will bring benefits to both
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Motiva™ Pre-finished steel for Domestic Appliances
Motiva™ Pre-finished steel for Domestic Appliances
Motiva™ SE from Corus
Motiva™ Hot
Motiva SE is a high quality pre-finished steel product
consisting of a metal substrate with a textured basecoat and
enhanced anti-corrosive properties and a smooth pigmented
topcoat. The product combines a structured aesthetic finish
with a smooth touch, popular in the domestic appliance
market as well as having very high scratch resistance.
Furthermore, the product is capable of 500 hrs salt spray on
cold reduced steel, which is the result of a recent innovation
project from Corus.
Case Study
County Durham
A further opportunity came soon afterwards when Electrolux,
now benefiting from the additional savings in labour and time
from using pre-finished steel, decided to take full advantage of
the product by also using it for the black cooker sides of its
increasingly popular range of stainless steel fronted cookers.
Sector: Domestic Appliances
Recent market trends towards stainless steel and colour
combinations have required Corus to develop a new finish
for Electrolux. Conscious of the simultaneous need for a high
scratch resistant product, Corus recommended Motiva SE
Black, a textured high gloss black product.
Distributor: Colorsteels
The Motiva Hot range of pre-finished steel from Corus is
specially formulated for domestic appliances that have
superior heat resistant requirements. These include oven
interiors, external casings, oven splash backs and microwave
ovens. The range of pre-finished steel from Corus also
includes Motiva Cold and Motiva Wet products.
Corus Products used:
Motiva™ SE from Corus
Electrolux’s Spennymoor plant's conversion from using postpaint to pre-finished steel progressed smoothly and involved
Electrolux making only minor tooling modifications to its
In terms of supply, Motiva SE white and black is produced at
Corus Colors’ Tafarnaubach site in South Wales. From here,
the material is supplied to distributor Colorsteels, where it is
slit and blanked. The pre-finished steel is then pressed into
the shapes required for individual cooker models by
Electrolux’s Purchasing Manager Steve Evans stated;
“ Electrolux Spennymoor discussed the
aesthetic suitability of the colour and
finish with our sales and marketing
team and in parallel conducted the full
range of in house tests on the product
from Corus which in both cases
resulted in full project sign off.”
White and Black
Electrolux switches smoothly to pre-finished steel
Electrolux is the world's leading manufacturer of kitchen and
cleaning appliances and equipment, with yearly sales of over
55 million products. Its production facility in Spennymoor
County Durham, which recently received a £7m investment
package is where the company produces a significant
proportion of its free-standing cooker range.
As part of on-going process improvement at the plant,
Electrolux began considering pre-finished steel as an
alternative to the post-painted material it had historically
used for cooker sides.
This innovation came as part of the company's commitment
to constantly improving and streamlining its manufacturing
processes and saw Electrolux switch its annual 1,000 tonnes
pre-finished steel requirement to Corus.
Aware of the efficiency benefits of using pre-finished steel,
Electrolux began working with Corus to develop a material
which would meet their requirements. They initially requested a
product for their white cookers which would be suitable for
piercing, bending and provide high scratch resistance. Corus
recommended Motiva™ SE White which met this criteria.
Consumer Products enquiries +44 (0)1495 724321
Consumer Products enquiries +44 (0)1495 724321