Press Release July 3, 2013

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Press Release
February 12, 2016
Keep control of detergents while preserving the quality
of the linen thanks to the new Efficient Dosing system
from Electrolux.
Electrolux Professional introduces the Efficient Dosing, a new solution which
simplifies the process of chemicals’ dosing by introducing just the right amount for
each batch to be processed, therefore preventing unnecessary overdosing events.
The Efficient Dosing features an innovative approach that automatically adjusts the quantity
of detergents to the real load inside the drum. It works in combination with the Automatic
Saving (AS) which determines for each wash the real load inside the drum at the beginning
of the cycle and supplies the water accordingly.
To be able of defining correct amounts of chemicals represents a real step forward and
require the best technology of a real integrated system. The capability of adjusting the
detergents is not such a common feature, in order to do so it is necessary to weigh the load
and to transmit such data to the pumps. Traditional systems work on the assumption that
the machine is always loaded to its nominal capacity. In reality we know that this does not
apply at all times, and under loading of the machine is not so uncommon. Machines’ under
loading if not under control, leads to excessive and unnecessary use of chemicals,
generating extra costs, but not only.
Electrolux Excellence
At the core of all innovations there is the constant strive to anticipate customers’ needs and
to create solutions and services that generate a real edge in our customers’ business.
With the new Efficient Dosing System the benefits are tangible in terms of efficiency, safety
and results. Consumptions are reduced to the effective need of use, providing best results
at minimum cost. Control of chemicals in the process has a positive impact on the
environment and helps maintaining unchanged the quality of the linen. Correct dosages
helps also for allergy preventions, as it is a known fact that excess of chemicals could
produce skin reactions.
Simple to use
The new Efficient Dosing system is simple to install, and very easy to use. Operators do not
need to select anything, the process is automatic. An integrated USB port completes the
system making possible to collect and upload data into the controller.
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Available with 2 and up to 8 pumps connection, it works together with the Automatic Saving,
standard on all Compass Control S, X and H spin and relevant wash programmes.
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Electrolux Professional is a leading global supplier to the catering, hospitality and care
industry providing professional kitchens and laundry solutions. With the most
comprehensive range of appliances for food preservation and preparation, dishwashing,
and laundry systems, Electrolux is a brand synonymous with reliability, innovation and
sustainability. It has 70 years’ experience and a portfolio of products designed according to
strictest quality, safety and sustainability standards. Electrolux Professional is recognized
worldwide for its social and environmental performance and its product lines meet and
exceed international standards such as ECA, Gastec and EIA. In 2011 Electrolux
Professional had sales of about EUR 650 million, approximately 2,700 employees, 7
factories, over 1,000 dealers and 1,000 service partners located in more than 40 countries.
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