all time low, with young guns, yellow card, london brixton - Alt-UK

ACADEMY, 13/03/11
Dressed in a rabbit onesie accompanied by a tiger and a leopard huddled under thick
duvet covers, fans have been queuing since early hours or the previous day. ALL
TIME LOW has one of the biggest and dies hard fan bases to exist in the foundations
of modern day pop-punk. So when the burley security guards open up ‘heaven’s
doors’, the fans upon fans swarm in like a stampede of antelope, all wanting to grab
a hold of that sacred barrier.
First up is the British High Wycombe collective, also referred to as the uprising and
over achieving YOUNG GUNS. Hitting straight into “D.O.A” these boys try their very
best to open up a pit, although the crowd is sadly made up of thirteen to sixteen year
olds with the handful of watchful parents or those who chose to stay at the back and
enjoy their view from the bar. How ever, despite this one flaw, it’s the only one
noticeable in their set. Front man, Gustav Wood’s crowd control is unbelievable as he
forces the audience to spring upwards, clap but most importantly chant back the
lyrics. “Stitches”, the band’s most currently released single, changed the atmosphere
into something entirely different. Yes, the four minute wonder still consists of jumping,
but the spine chilling coos, deep base line entwined with beautiful guitar strums is
something else. “Daughter of the Sea”, “Winter Kiss” and “Crystal Clear” brings a cry
of lyrics summoned up by the audience joined by fists beating up into the air giving all
three tracks an exceedingly powerful feel to them. Their performance tonight is
definitely one of their crowning glory moments as they show such enthusiasm and
passion in what they do, that it will be no time until they’re succeeding higher levels
and opportunities for those on today’s British music scene.
It’s been some time since YELLOW CARD have been back in the UK, so it comes
as no surprise when they bring their musical to life on Brixton’s stage for the second
time that it has such an astonishing effect on the crowd. “Lights and Sounds” brings
back a familiar and warm welcome as the clever use of instruments such as violins
that stimulates the audience into one big cheer. Yellow Card may be stereotyped to
be meeting the needs of the older ones gathered here tonight, but the catchy “Rough
landing Holly”, “Five Becomes Four” and “Hang You Up” bring everyone up onto their
feet with their arms flying in the air (despite most of them trying to imitate a Irish Jig).
Infamous ballad, “Only One” makes everyone howl out the words “you are my only,
my only one” like a dog kennels on a full moon, running smooth Goosebumps and
raising every last hair on your entire body. Of course “Ocean Avenue” is pure
amazement, as like a cherry and whipped cream, tops off such an astounding
Opening with an anticipating intro before diving head first into “Keep the Change,
You Filthy Animal”, pop punkers ALL TIME LOW take the stage like a wild whirlwind.
With a deafening roar, captivating track “Dammed If I do ya, Dammed if I don’t”
brings out the best in these Maryland Boys. It’s hard to believe that with such
popularity that this band’s first ever single “Coffee shop soundtrack” only came out
back in early 2007! All Time Low aspire to reach out to their oldest fans that have
been there for them since the beginning, the selection of the classics “Jasey Rae”,
“Poppin’ Champagne” and “Six Feet Under The Stars” are used to bring a pleasing
grin to those from the very front to the back in both the standing arena and those sat
(well now standing and dancing) on the balcony. Whilst “A Part Song” , “Lost in
Stereo” and “Stella” un-veils your inner wild child with it’s bubbly choruses and
upbeat backings, “Therapy”, “Remembering Sunday” and a solo cover of Katy
Perry’s “Teenage Dream” performed by front man Alex Gaskarth tweaking at his
acoustic guitar, melts your heart and soul to the core. As curtain draws, the lights
dim. Knowing that two obvious songs have not yet been broadcasted through the
dome shaped building, the crowd beg for more. There’s silence for a moment but as
soon as the dropping beats of “Weightless” begins insanity appears. Literally
screaming back the words “I wanna feel weightless just because” makes you wonder
how everyone has not yet lost their voice, although come Monday morning they
might just find themselves having some difficulty with talking. Finishing on the
infamous “Dear Maria Count Me In” has made an excellent choice of an encore. All
Time Low tonight have most unquestionably put them on an all new high.