Evolution Vocabulary and Examples

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Evolution Vocabulary and Examples
Please use Chapter 15 ­ Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (Sections 15­1 and 15­3) in your textbook (p. 368­386) to define the following 12 vocabulary words. For each word, provide an example from the notes or your own.
Vocabulary Word
Evolution (p. 369)
Fossil (p. 371)
Natural variation (p. 379)
Artificial selection (p. 379)
Fitness (p. 380)
Adaptation (p. 380)
Survival of the fittest
(p. 381)
Natural selection (p. 381)
Descent with modification (p. 381­382)
Common descent (p. 382)
Homologous structure (p. 384)
Vestigial organ (p. 384­385)
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