CH 7 Introduction to Group Policy

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CH 7 Introduction to Group Policy
Group Policy – to manage users, computers, and software
GPO’s are applied to Sites, Domains, and/or OU’s by the process of linking
Local GPO
Active Directory GPO ( NON Local )
A GPO when created is stored in 2 locations: pg 163 - 165
1) The Group Policy Container ( GPC ) in Active Directory contains version information
and update sequence number for GPO changes
2) The Group Policy Template ( GPT ) in the policies subfolder of the SYSVOL contains
the actual GPO structure and settings – the .inf file, registry.pol file
Default Domain Policy
Default Domain Controller Policy
Linked GPO
Unlinked GPO
2 nodes of Group Policies - Computer Configuration, User Configuration
L – S – D – OU order in which group policies are processed – LOCAL , SITE , DOMAIN , OU
LOOP BACK policy processing – MERGE and REPLACE pg 177
Modify the default behavior of Group Policy Inheritance using - NO override, Block Inheritance,
LOOPBACK processing