The U - Madison Public Schools

All readings are from Ben’s Guide to Government -
Let’s Review
A. The ____________Constitution_______________________ - plan for our government
1. ______Preamble____________________(intro., lists goals, popular sovereignty)
2. _______Articles________________ (the meat of the Constitution – explains our
plan of government)
3. _______Amendments_________________________(additions / changes)
B. Legislative Branch
1. Structure of Congress
a. Senate
1. each term is _______6_______years
2. ____100_________ total members
3. each state has ___2_____ senators
4. must be _____30_______ years old
c. House of Representatives
1. each term is ______2________ years
2. _____435________ total members
3. the number of representatives for each state_________
___is based on the number of people living in that state___
4. must be ______25______ years old
2. Main job of Congress - ________create laws_______________
a. a ____bill________ is an idea for a law
b. ______veto_______ - when the president rejects a bill
All readings are from Ben’s Guide to Government -
c. override - _ If the President vetoes a law, then Congress can
then try to pass the law again by having 2/3 of the 535 members of Congress
approve it
d. a proposed law can start…_____in either house_________________
C. Executive Branch
1. Members of the this branch
a. President (list the qualifications and term length)
- must be 35 years old
- must be a natural born citizen
- 4 year term length
- maximum of two terms
b. ____Vice-President_______________________
c. cabinet (define)___the President’s advisors who are the heads of different
departments (or agencies)
2. The main job of this branch is to …___enforce the laws of our country_
D. Judicial branch
1. Highest Court in the Land - _______Supreme Court_________
a. number of members ___________9__________________
b. Titles of the members
- Chief Justice (1)
- Justices (also known as Associate Justices – 8)
c. How chosen - _____President nominates and the Senate must approve
All readings are from Ben’s Guide to Government -
d. term length _____________for life – no set term limit_________________
2. Powers and Main Job of this branch
a. What does this branch do? _____determines what the laws mean (interpret)
and if they are Constitutional (fair)
b. have the power to declare a law __unconstitutional__________________
c. this power is known as _____Judicial Review___________________