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OUHSC Information Security Update

IT, Information Security Services

Randy Moore

Nathan Gibson

Greg Bostic

Security Project Update

– Active Directory Cleanup Project

• “Cleaning the house” -- getting rid of old computer accounts

– Active Directory GPO project

• Establishing a security baseline

– E-Policy Orchestrator Project

• Mirroring ePO with AD

• Centrally Managing

• Using the tools we have available

Active Directory Cleanup


• GPOs cannot be applied on the computers container

• ePO Sync would be inaccurate

• Hard to manage with erroneous accounts present

Current Status

• 1200 inactive computer accounts disabled and moved into the disabled.comps OU

• Computer Accounts have been moved from the

Computers container into the UnAssigned.Comps OU

• GPO w/ login script applied to UnAssigned.Comps OU

New Procedures

• All new computers should have account created prior to joining domain.

• Computer Account Lifecycle procedure

– 30 days UnAssigned.Comp – Active

– 30 days disabled.comps – Inactive

– On the 60th day Computer Account deleted

• New Computer Checklist

Cleaning Your OU

• Weed out old Computer Accounts

– Use Active Directory Users and Computers

– Go to “View” in the MMC

– Check “Advanced Features”

– Go to “View” and choose “Add/Remove Columns”

– In the left hand “Available columns” table choose

“Modified” and click “Add ->”

– Hit OK

McAfee E-Policy Orchestrator Project(ePO)


McAfee E Policy Orchestrator

• Provides a way to centrally manage Anti Virus protection on all managed devices

• Syncs with Active Directory

• Automatically installs/uninstalls AV

• Automatic DAT updates

• Customizable policies

• Notification Capabilities

• Report Generation


Greg Bostic

2 nd Annual Cyber Security Day

October 24, 2007

10:00 am

Cyber Security Day

• Tier 1 Training

• Business Manager Briefings

• End User Briefings

Security Baseline

Active Directory GPO Project

GPO Review

• Group Policy Objects:

1. Allows you to configure baseline settings to ensure all resources have the same settings

2. Ease the administrative overhead in applying and modifying end user device and servers.


“One-Stop-Shop” for demonstrating policy compliance

AD GPO Project

• Round 2 Settings

Setting 1-

HSC-IT-Automatic Updates (Workstation Only)

– Enable Windows Updates Power management to automatically wake up the system:


– 4- Auto Download and Schedule the Install

– Schedule Install Day: 0-Everyday

– Scheduled Install Time: 0300

Setting 2-

HSC-IT-No Display Last User Login

– Interactive logon: do not display last user name: Enabled

No Last User Name Impact


Computer that will be affected by “No Last

Username GPO”


Computer with “No

Last Username” already set

Screen Saver Impact


Computers that have screensavers


Computers with no screensaver

House Cleaning Help

• Standardize GPO naming scheme

– Dept-XXXX

– Delete Old GPOs

– Combine GPOs If possible

– Remove GPOs with settings applied at higher lever


• Event Logging

– Account Management: Success

– Account Logon/Logoff: Success/Failure

– Policy Change: Success

– System Events: Success/Failure

• Screen Saver

– Hide Screen Saver Tab: Enabled

– Screen Saver: Enabled

– Password protect the Screen Saver: Enabled

– Screen Saver Timeout: 600(900?)

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