The 1916 Easter Rising

5 days of the Rising
It all goes wrong
Roger Casement
who was sent in the
Aud (boat) to get
arms from Germany
was arrested near
Kerry and the boat
was capsised.
* Eoin MacNeill finds
outs that the Castle
Document was a
* He posts an ad in the
newspaper forbidding
the Irish Volunteers
from taking part in the
* The leaders meet up
and decide to
postpone the Rising
until Easter Monday.
* The Rebels decide to
seize a number of
important buildings in
Dublin. (The Four
Courts, Dublin Castle,
The GPO and Boland’s
Mill, Jacob’s Factory
and St. Stephen’s
* The GPO is taken over
and Pearse reads out
the Proclamation of
* The building is
barricaded and snipers
take place on the
rooves around the
* Soldiers
first try and take
over Dublin castle.
* They kill a policeman and
capture several soldiers but
decide to retreat as their
numbers are so small.
* It turned out that most
soldiers were actually gone to
Fairview for the day so it was
a missed opportunity.
* Countess Markievicz and
Michael Mallin manage to
take over Stephens Green.
On hearing about the Rising
troops are sent from
Belfast and the Curragh.
They arrive by dawn
Tuesday morning.
Just before dawn soldiers
open fire at the rebels in
Stephen’s green and they
are forced to flee to The
Royal College of Surgeons.
• Martial Law is declared
and civilians are only
allowed out during
daylight hours. (otherwise
they could be shot.)
• Those in the GPO
understand an attack will
happen and continue to
barricade the building
and create tunnels
between buildings to help
with delivery of
• Late that evening the
British have decided to
bring in artillery to shell
the enemy positions.
* By this stage the British
army decided to attack
- The first building they
chose was Liberty hall
(which was empty)
They also begin isolating
buildings to prevent
rebels from
communicating. (Areas
around Boland's bakery,
the four courts and the
* The cordon around the
four courts and the GPO
tightens further.
* The situation for civilians
is now critical with all
shops closed since Monday
food is very hard to come
* Uniforms are also hard
to come by for the
rebels so many go
around in plain
clothes. (Easier for
them but more
dangerous for actual
* The GPO was
continuously shelled
during Thursday night
and most of it was on
* The rebels had to try
and escape down Henry
St. where many of them
were killed and injured.
* Pearse and Connoly
managed to get shelter
in a grocers shop.
* By Saturday Connolly
and Pearse realised
they could not break
out of the position
they were in they were
forced to surrender.
* The main leaders
involved were then