US Government Chapter 5-6-7 Test Study Guide Be sure to study

US Government
Chapter 5-6-7 Test
Study Guide
Be sure to study the VOCABULARY FOR BOTH CHAPTERS!!!!!
1. What are the 5 functions of a political party?
2. What are each of the five methods that describe how candidates are nominated?
3. What is the “magic phrase” that Congress says when federal elections are held?
4. Describe the differences between the open and closed primary.
5. How are the States involved in regulating the electoral process? To what extent is the
Federal Government involved in the regulation of elections? Give an example of each.
6. Describe the basic difference between the office-group ballot and the party-column
ballot. What are the advantages of each?
7. How was a poll tax used as a voting qualification?
8. What are the reasons most States have for requiring voter registration?
9. What are three differences between voters and non-voters?
10. How does a person’s feeling of how their vote counts or not affect his or her voting
11. List three sociological factors that affect voting behavior.
12. Know the difference between major and minor political parties.
13. Know the 4 different types of minor political parties.
14. Know the 3 reasons minor political parties are important.
15. Know the 3 components or parts of political parties.
16. Know the 3 “universal requirements” you must meet to vote.
17. Know what an off-year election is and how it effects voting.
18. Know where information about how and why people vote comes from.
19. Know the sources of campaign funds.
20. Know what the FEC does.
21. Know what FEC does NOT do.
22. Know what a superPAC is.