Beowulf Study Questions Part 2 – pgs 65-91

Beowulf Study Questions Part 2 – pgs 65-91
1. Lines 1700 - 1761, King Hrothgar is giving Beowulf advice on how to be a good king and seeking
fame. First he says one thing, then another which contradicts. This happens throughout the story. What
is the contradiction and why does this happen?
2. What gift did Unferth give Beowulf?
3. In lines 1888 – 1962, the author tells a story of a woman, who was she and why is this story important to
the culture and to the Christian Monk writing?
4. Lines 2019 – 2069 describe weddings and wars. What does the author think about using weddings to
solve rivalries? Why does the author include this story? What does it say about the Anglo Saxon
culture? What does it say about the Christian culture?
5. Line 2155 – 2163 describe the suit of armor given to Higlac from Hrothgar. At one point the author
explains who owned the armor and who should have owned it. What is the author saying about Hergar?
6. 2183-2189 describes how Beowulf was seen as a young man and after his exploits with King Hrothgar.
How did the Geats see him?
What was Beowulf’s reward for bringing King Higlac fame and honor?
8. How did Herdred, Higlac’s son, die?
9. Who became king?
10. What caused the dragon to awaken in Geatland?
11. Where did the dragon’s treasures originally come from?
12. In lines 2246-2277, which ideas are represented in the reasons given for abandoning the treasure, Anglo
Saxon or Christian?
13. “The cup brought peace to a slave, pleased his master, but stirred a dragon’s anger…” (2285-2309).
What do these lines tell us about the Anglo Saxon culture, the Christian culture during the Anglo Saxon
period, and the author?