Anglo Saxon Student Notes

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Anglo Saxon Student Notes
Britain Before the Anglo Saxons
1.Not much is known about the early people except that they were a
____________ people.
2.They began to invade the land at __________.
3.After 410 AD the Romans left the islands open to _______________ to
raid the coastline.
The Germanic Invasions
1.The __________, one tribe, were the first to arrive.
2. They were __________and _______________ and enslaved and
destroyed much of the island.
3. By the middle of the 6th century, they were known as _____________ and
their language called “Old English.”
Anglo Saxon Society
1. The Anglo-Saxons were loyal to __________and had a strict code of
2. ______________ is the only true immortality.
3. Mostly illiterate, but had an ___________________ for beauty and art.
The Danish Invasions
1. In the late 8th and 9th centuries, Britain was invaded by the
______________ or Vikings.
2.They were led by ______________the Great.
3. Alfred was wise in ___________ and ________________ and made
Britain more successful.
Anglo Saxon Literature
1. Literature is usually ____________ and about life’s problems.
2. Many texts talk about great gatherings at “______________” and large
battles against strong beasts and warriors.
3. Most stories weren’t written down, but passed down through
Sutton Hoo: An Archaeological Treasure
1. Beowulf, a story we will read, talks about beautiful crowns and jewels
that were uncovered in an ancient burial mound called _____________.
2.British Archeologists found this ____________________ in 1939.
3. Many items were buried there, including shields, helmets, buckles,
goblets, and purses, all inlaid with __________________.
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