Use the webquest located at: to

Use the webquest located at: to
complete the activities below. Write your answers on a
separate piece of paper identifying each answer with
the section title. For example, the title for section 1 is
Key Events, to write that title down and follow it with
the answers to that section. You must complete each
section in order from top to bottom. Happy learning!
Make a timeline of the Key Events in the Revolutionary War
and tell the most important detail about each event. (18)
Choose five Patriots and five Loyalists and write one thing
you learned about each person. (20)
List at least two things you learned from each section:
Music, Recreation, Religion and Professions. (8)
There were five major battles in the Revolutionary War.
Name them and give at least two important details about
each one. (15)
What was the date the Declaration of Independence was
Play this simulation. What are some of the things that you
experienced as a Continental soldier? Explain in detail. (4)