ionic bonding practice worksheet - Holding

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Ionic Bonding Practice Worksheet
Regents Chemistry
With your desk partner, draw the Lewis dot structures for each ion, indicating which ion
loses an electron and which gains an electron.
1. CaO
2. K2S
3. Na2SO4
4. AlPO4
5. Li2O
6. BaCl2
7. KNO3
8. MgSO4
9. Mg3N2
10. AlBr3
11. What are the characteristics of ionic compounds?
12. Explain why ionic compounds can conduct electricity when melted and when in
aqueous solutions.
13. Which pairs of elements are likely to form ionic compounds?
a. Chlorine and bromine
b. Potassium and helium
c. Lithium and chlorine
d. Iodine and sodium