Gulf Coast Community College- Associate degree Nursing
NUR 1260C – Gerontological Nursing
Medication Cards
Student Name: ____________________________
Name of Drug: Generic: Memantine
Trade: Namenda
Classification: n methyl d aspartate antagonist
Usual Dose: 0.5-1 unit/kg/day
Resident/Client/ Patient Dose:
Action: Lower blood glucose by increasing transport into cells and promoting the conversion of
glucose into glycogen. Promote the conversion of amino acids to proteins in muscle and
stimulate triglyceride formation. Inhibit the release of free fatty acids. Control of blood glucose in
diabetic patients.
Side Effects: dizziness, fatigue, headache, sedation, hypertension, rash, weight gain.
Toxic Effects: Anemia
Drug Interactions: Medications that increase pH lead to decreased excretion and increased
blood levels. (carbonic anyhydrase inhibitors, sodium bicarbonate.
Nursing Implications: Assess cognitive function periodically during therapy.
Laboratory Considerations: May cause anemia