To me, the most memorable part of Super Size Me

Natalie Jimenez
Period 2
Response to Super Size Me!
To me, the most memorable part of Super Size Me! was when Morgan, the test
subject, goes to an elementary school. During his visit he shows a small group of students
a set of pictures. While he does, one by one, but separately, the students guess who is in
the picture. The first picture is of George Washington and only one chills guessed
correctly. The next picture was shown and a small boy says it was George W. Bush.
Morgan tells him it is a good guess and turns it around to show the camera. The picture is
of Jesus Christ. At this point the entire class broke out in a chorus of laughter, chortling at
the absurdity of the situation. The child’s guess was no where near the correct answer.
However, when the children are shown a picture of Ronald McDonald, each of them
guesses correctly. This particular part stands out to me because it shoes how prominent
fast food, especially McDonald’s, has become in our daily lives. Not even our nation’s
founding father or religion is held in high esteem anymore. This goes to show how
successful McDonald’s is in marketing towards children and the intensity of its assault.
On the other the hand, this particular incident reflects the priorities of American parents.
It shows how parents have allowed their children to immerse themselves in today’s pop
culture. This can be potentially dangerous when it comes to knowing who America’s
most fattening clown is while not knowing one of history’s and Christianity’s most iconic
figures are. These children have learned at an early age who Ronald McDonald is, but
what they do not know is how bad his food can be for their health.
In today’s society, food is everywhere. As a result more and people are unpacking
their wallets while packing their waistlines. What is worse is that our young are learning
these unhealthy habits. Many parents are ignoring this when they are ones to blame.
Although they carry most of the responsibility, they can use some help in carrying it and
in solving the problem. For example, there should be laws banning fast food in schools.
This is necessary in combating obesity because parents are not there to regulate what
their child eats. These educational centers should do their part in teaching children good
eating habits while their parents are not around. These laws could enforce that. Just like
the government should monitor schools, they should also implement policies regulating
fast food companies, up to a certain point. Each fast food location should be required to
display nutritional facts where they can be readily seen by the public. They should also be
required to have a sheet of these nutritional facts ready to be distributed upon request. A
fine should be imposed upon any fast food joint that does not comply with these ideal
guidelines. Once these policies are established, consumers can craft their diet around
them, not necessarily withdrawing all of their business. It is still up to the consumer to
change their diet. The sooner everyone realizes their role in solving the problem, the
sooner the trend of obesity will be cut. Thus all potentially fatal consequences will be
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